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masaje deportivo barcelona

Sports Massage

masaje deportivo barcelona

Deep Release Massage

masaje deportivo barcelona

Localized Sports Massage

masaje deportivo barcelona

Premium Sports Massage

When you practice sports regularly, it is almost impossible to avoid loading your muscles and joints. With a well-executed sports massage you will be able to unload the muscles and thus recover the muscles so that you can get the most out of your training or in competition, while avoiding injuries.

At BCN Sports Recovery we have been specializing in athletes for more than 17 years, and especially cyclists, triathletes and runners of all levels. Thanks to that we can advise you on the most suitable type of massage for your situation and condition.

For any question, doubt, or to schedule a massage, get in touch with us.

Services and Prices

Sports Massage 60 min.     45 €
Premium Sports Massage  90 min. (includes Pressotherapy) 55 €
Localized Sports Massage 40 min. 35 €
Back Massage 30 min. 30 €
Legs Massage 30 min. 30 €
Pack: 10 Sports Massage sessions of 60 min. 325 € *
Pack: 5 Sports Massage sessions of 60 min. 190 €
Pack: 10 Sports Massage sessions of 30 min. 250 € *
Pack: 5 Sports Massage sessions of 30 min. 125 €


* The pack needs to be used within a limited time frame.

Cancellation Policy

Any changes or cancellations need to take place at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to do so will result in being charged for the full session. 

Premium Sports Massage

For you who want to achieve even better results, we have the Premium Sports Massage option, which includes Pressotherapy.

Pressotherapy, or pneumatic compression therapy, is a compressor unit connected to a type of boots that have several chambers that are inflated and deflated with the air pumped by the compressor. By compressing the legs, blood circulation to the area is temporarily restricted, and by releasing the pressure, a more intense flow of nutrient-rich blood is created through the muscle tissue.

And what does that mean?

Pressotherapy further stimulates recovery and improves performance as it increases blood circulation, promotes movement of lymphatic fluid, helps eliminate lactic acid, thus reducing inflammation, pain, stiffness and improving flexibility.

Empieza a optimitzar tu práctica deportiva hoy mismo

De cuerpo sólo hay uno, y si quieres poder practicar deporte durante mucho tiempo, es importante cuidarlo. Con un masaje deportivo de calidad te aseguras de que tu cuerpo tiene todo lo que necesita y te ahorras lesiones innecesarias, o evitas que las lesiones que ya tienes se conviertan en algo permanente. Nunca es tarde para empezar a cuidar tu cuerpo y descubrir hasta dónde puede llegar tu potencial bajo condiciones óptimas.

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